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If you are an investor looking to purchase and rehab a property, hold rentals, build new construction or need a bridge a loan…? We lend for Fix & Flips, Rentals, New Construction and Bridge Loans. Current Loan funding available (Click Here For Loan Matrix)

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  • Minimum Loan Amount Is $50,000-$10Mil
  • Flexible terms and interest rate options
  • Interest Only Payments
  • No Pre-payment Penalty
  • Approval within 24-48 hrs. as soon as all Required documents are submitted
  • 620 Credit Scores Are Typically Required To Qualify, However We Look At The Whole Picture
  • Closings In 2-3 Weeks As Long As All Required Documentation And Appraisal Completion.
  •  Property Insurance or Builders Risk Insurance Premium Paid At Closing (Including Flood Insurance When Applicable)
  • Financial Condition – You will be responsible for down payment and closing cost
  • Excluded: Mobile Homes, manufactured homes and modular homes.

Please note we do not cover 100% of the investment property cost however we will cover 100% cost of the property renovation cost. In, most cases you are responsible for 10-20% down at closing.

Some advice would be to inventory your current cash accounts so that you have the down payment, money for closing and insurance escrows before you apply for funding.

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